Sleepy Confusion!

I woke up this morning to find that I had missed my 9am interview and I had 20 mins to get up, be hygenic, dress and eat before my 1pm class started.

I jumped out of bed and ambled upstairs to the kitchen, only to find that the lights I left on for my aunt were still on. I looked outside the door and saw that it was dark out.

I went back down to my room, found my phone and was made aware — finally — that it was quarter to one in the morning. My interview was 8 hours away and my class was in 12. I was so sure that it was noon that I even called the store my interview was at and wondered why the hell they weren’t answering… I thought it was either busy in there or it was a communal lunch.

I couldn’t fall back to sleep on my own, so I threw on some NCIS and then my speakers’ batteries died.

“That’s a great story, Linds. You should tell it again sometime!”



I have a song stuck in my head. It’s called Wisdom, by Mother Mother… a fantastic Vancouver band. The song’s about how the singer is down on his luck and is stuck because he didn’t take the good advice that was offered to him in the past.

I think it’s God, trying to tell me something.