Sleepy Confusion!

I woke up this morning to find that I had missed my 9am interview and I had 20 mins to get up, be hygenic, dress and eat before my 1pm class started.

I jumped out of bed and ambled upstairs to the kitchen, only to find that the lights I left on for my aunt were still on. I looked outside the door and saw that it was dark out.

I went back down to my room, found my phone and was made aware — finally — that it was quarter to one in the morning. My interview was 8 hours away and my class was in 12. I was so sure that it was noon that I even called the store my interview was at and wondered why the hell they weren’t answering… I thought it was either busy in there or it was a communal lunch.

I couldn’t fall back to sleep on my own, so I threw on some NCIS and then my speakers’ batteries died.

“That’s a great story, Linds. You should tell it again sometime!”


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