Huzzah for Pubs.

Tonight, Digby called a bunch of us up and said to meet him at the Raven after the Canucks game for belated birthday drinking. I met Jamie & Paul there, with Scotty-Too-Hotty and Melnyk… We watched our boys beat Minnesota 2-1, then Digby finally showed up with Marina… after we’d all had our first rounds and our food. Then came Reid and Chelsea. She took off after awhile, but the rest of us stayed, caught up, half-watched the Yankees beat out the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim of some kind of playoff series. That part was boring.

It was so, so good to see those guys again. I’ve really missed them. We’ve also decided that Pierson’s put too many restrictions on his parties, so this means we’re having New Years’ at my place! Yay for 22nd birthdays! My 19th was epic, so this one will be LEGENDARY! Pack your passports and socks, kids! The Cove-ers are baaaaaaack!


Almost Done October…

So, nothing’s happened this month, really. Still sleeping poorly. So… that’s not good.

I’ve been diagnosed with “severe depression and matching anxiety,” which explains why I can’t go to class. I just can’t bring myself to do it. I can’t make myself walk to that classroom and I’ve no idea why. I’m going to fail that damn class if I don’t get over myself and just GO ALREADY!

I’m knitting/crocheting everyone’s gifts this year. If you’re my family and have discovered this by some unhappy accident… SPOILER ALERT!

Mum’s getting an iPod cover, my brother’s getting a wristband with kick-ass buttons, Dad & my aunt are getting scarves & my grandparents are getting potholders. Now I have to think of what to make my paternal cousins & grandparents… last year, we gave everyone photos of Michael & I that I had photoshopped. They were AMAZING!!

New topic: I’ve had enough with being single. Can somebody find me a non-socially awkward nerd who can fix my computer, appreciate my quirks and love for lego, hockey, Battlestar Galactica, cheesy music, and making strange faces/speaking in strange voices? I want to marry this man and bear his children.

That said… end scene.

Owl City, Soundtrack to My Soul

Owl City. Go look him up. He’s from Minnesota and is quite rad. He sounds like Death Cab For Cutie and The Postal Service. So… He sounds like Ben Gibbard. That means automatic fanship from me.

Go buy, download, borrow the album Ocean Eyes, listen to the track If My Heart Is A House. Epic stuff.

I am SO PUMPED about Owl City, you have no idea. I can’t believe this guy has three albums and I never knew about him til now! Thanks to Laura Peake for that one. There’s a show 15 October here in Vancouver… I might just go!