Almost Done October…

So, nothing’s happened this month, really. Still sleeping poorly. So… that’s not good.

I’ve been diagnosed with “severe depression and matching anxiety,” which explains why I can’t go to class. I just can’t bring myself to do it. I can’t make myself walk to that classroom and I’ve no idea why. I’m going to fail that damn class if I don’t get over myself and just GO ALREADY!

I’m knitting/crocheting everyone’s gifts this year. If you’re my family and have discovered this by some unhappy accident… SPOILER ALERT!

Mum’s getting an iPod cover, my brother’s getting a wristband with kick-ass buttons, Dad & my aunt are getting scarves & my grandparents are getting potholders. Now I have to think of what to make my paternal cousins & grandparents… last year, we gave everyone photos of Michael & I that I had photoshopped. They were AMAZING!!

New topic: I’ve had enough with being single. Can somebody find me a non-socially awkward nerd who can fix my computer, appreciate my quirks and love for lego, hockey, Battlestar Galactica, cheesy music, and making strange faces/speaking in strange voices? I want to marry this man and bear his children.

That said… end scene.


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