Huzzah for Pubs.

Tonight, Digby called a bunch of us up and said to meet him at the Raven after the Canucks game for belated birthday drinking. I met Jamie & Paul there, with Scotty-Too-Hotty and Melnyk… We watched our boys beat Minnesota 2-1, then Digby finally showed up with Marina… after we’d all had our first rounds and our food. Then came Reid and Chelsea. She took off after awhile, but the rest of us stayed, caught up, half-watched the Yankees beat out the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim of some kind of playoff series. That part was boring.

It was so, so good to see those guys again. I’ve really missed them. We’ve also decided that Pierson’s put too many restrictions on his parties, so this means we’re having New Years’ at my place! Yay for 22nd birthdays! My 19th was epic, so this one will be LEGENDARY! Pack your passports and socks, kids! The Cove-ers are baaaaaaack!


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