It’s November?? How’d that happen?! Weird… I still think it’s September, but then again, I am pretty nuts.

I got the new Weezer album, Raditude, and it is AWESOME! The best track is either “I’m Your Daddy,” “Put Me Back Together,” or “The Girl Got Hot”.

I’m looking for a new job because mine sucks and my boss is trying to accuse me of stealing (like I’m capable of stealing), so he’s cut my hours. Labour Relations is definitely in my future.

Also, I’ve started taking meds for my ADHD again. The doctor wouldn’t put me on Dexedrine because he thinks I’ll sell it or something. (Side note: What is it with people thinking I’m sketchy?! I don’t steal and I don’t illegally sell my meds! What the smack??) So I’m on Adderall, which is apparently the same thing as Dexedrine, only without the narcotic. This leads me to my next thought: Why the hell are they putting a narcotic in a medication used primarily on children and supermodels?! Stupid pharmaceutical companies.