I finally got the WordPress app working on my iTouch!! It was being such a bastard! Well, balls to that.

Watching my brother play some LOTR/Warcraft lovechild on his new Xbox 360. He keeps skipping through the dialogue-y cut scenes and it makes the warrior dwarf king guy he’s talking to sound really insecure and unsure of everything.

“Oh, uh, well…” That kid picks his replies too fast for me to pick up on any storylines. All I know is some kid’s an orphan now and the patsy of the raiding party is actually some king’s illegitimate son & his half-brother is dead and blah, blah, blah… I want Guitar Hero. Simple storyline: you’re a guitar hero and you, oh, I dunno…. PLAY THE DAMN GUITAR!

I miss N64. Those were simpler times.


Technology Owes Ecology a Major Apology

The other day, I was thinking that I needed a little book to jot down my thoughts so I could blog them later. Then I realised that sort of thing is called a “journal.” Eff. This is 100% the same as the “Cordless Frying Pan” situation. I thought I was being brilliant, but really… just too reliant on technology.

I really wish I had more time before Christmas, and a better setup in my room. I want to be able to sew AND watch my shows, while enjoying the comforts of a normal-sized table and my blankets. This means I have to clean things. Maybe I’ll just move the junk in here to my living room… swap them for my sewing machine. Hmm. Maybe this is a legit brilliant idea!

School sucks and I’m OK with that, for now.

I had all sorts to say earlier, but not anymore. I guess my brain has placated itself in the last little while.

I really hate how fast time’s been going by. It seems each entry I make, I say something like “where’d the month go?” or “is it that time already?”. I still haven’t gotten to changing my whiteboard calendar from November to December… and December’s got 2 weeks left in it!

This February is the 2010 Winter Olympics (!!!) and I’m volunteering as a Chaplain Co-ordinator at the Multi-Faith Centre in the Athletes’ Village in Whistler! I get to tell the inquiring athletes where the bible studies and church services are. It’ll be amazing! I might do it for the Paralympics in March, but in the Village in Vancouver. I can’t afford to take more time off work. After that, I would like to find a new job, maybe at Grouse again, as a tram operator for Base Ops. Maybe.

In July, I’d like to go to Rwanda with YFC. It’s $100 to apply and you have to raise $3500. The only thing stopping me is my worry that I won’t be able to raise the money. I don’t see why I wouldn’t be, but with my luck, something will happen. I really, really want to go on this trip, but I’m afraid I won’t get picked. It won’t be the worst thing ever, but … You know what? Who cares? I wanna go to Rwanda, dammit!

I like how I just talked myself out of an anxiety attack there… Clearly, I’m a superhero or something.

See you in 2010!