I finally got the WordPress app working on my iTouch!! It was being such a bastard! Well, balls to that.

Watching my brother play some LOTR/Warcraft lovechild on his new Xbox 360. He keeps skipping through the dialogue-y cut scenes and it makes the warrior dwarf king guy he’s talking to sound really insecure and unsure of everything.

“Oh, uh, well…” That kid picks his replies too fast for me to pick up on any storylines. All I know is some kid’s an orphan now and the patsy of the raiding party is actually some king’s illegitimate son & his half-brother is dead and blah, blah, blah… I want Guitar Hero. Simple storyline: you’re a guitar hero and you, oh, I dunno…. PLAY THE DAMN GUITAR!

I miss N64. Those were simpler times.


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