Things People Say

John, playing Scrabble on our awesome iPhones:

“I wish I could [play] ridiculous words, because I just spelled ‘FUNPILS’.” (FUN-ples)

John: “Dammit.”
Me: “What did you just try?” (Our app obviously tells you if your word is wrong)
John: “QUARF.”

“Whaddya mean ‘ZABIF’ isn’t a word?”


Waiting for the Skate Van to take us to Green Bay Bible Camp in Westbank, BC, Rachelle Rovner tells us about her fair trade jeans from India:

“Do your pants fight for justice? No? Didn’t think so. Mine do.”


In Accounting, packing up my stuff with Donny, my favourite classmate:

[Donny is continuously headbutting me in the shoulder. He pauses.]
“…. Wouldn’t it be cool if I were a rhino?”

Donny: “Hey guys, you wanna go rob a bank?”
Random Classmates: “Not today.”
Donny: “Lindsay, you wanna go rob a bank?”
Me: “No, Donny, because my daddy is a policeman and he taught me not to rob banks. It’s not my thing.”
Donny: “But I’m a RHINO! Why would you say no to a rhino?! It’s dangerous!”


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