Oscar Night in Canada

Things I loved about the Oscars:


– James Franco, according to Dane Cook, looked like a security guard who sees you stealing and just doesn’t care

– Best Supporting Actress dropping the F-bomb (and the look on her face when Kirk Douglas called out her name)

– the orchestra trying to play the non-actor winners off the stage.  Ever notice how there are 2 hours of the award show and only 4 categories for actual actors?  Play off the actors, not the people who do EVERYTHING ELSE.

– Anne Hathaway acting like, well, me, in front of about a billion people.

– making my mother laugh with my insights and Jewish mother impressions

The King’s Speech.  Enough said.

– Kirk Douglas.  “You know…”

making fun of Celine Dion

James Franco’s grandmother.  “I just saw Marky Mark!”

– Anne Hathaway’s mother.  “Stand up straight, Anne.  Mr Steven Spielberg is here!”

– the pretty dresses

– the ugly dresses

– being able to throw things at the TV without being escorted out of the building by security

– that the saddest part of the tribute reel was learning Celine Dion is still alive.  Seriously, how did they get her to leave Vegas hidey-hole?  I don’t think that woman knows where Canada is anymore, thank God.  She might try to come back and live among us.

– that every Canadian film in the “foreign film” category is in French.  This is why Americans think we all speak French.

– explaining to my mother that because we live in a world where Marky Mark’s film is nominated for Best Picture and Christian Bale beats out Geoffrey Rush for Best Supporting actor, we can’t have nice things.  Bad things are happening, people.  Someone has time-travelled to the past, changed something, and now we’re suffering the tiny consequences.

– tearing up for no real reason other than the fact that I’m elated that a person I’ve never met has had a life-long wish come true and won a little golden man.



After the show, mi madre and I made grilled cheese for dinner (because we’re classy… and the roast beef was on Saturday) and watched Letters to Juliet.  Yes, I made fun of it the whole way through… still managed to somehow tear up towards the end, though.


Oscar night is a good night.


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