Life’s Little Surprises

Life is surprising.

It changes so quickly and how it makes you feel is completely hinged on how you choose to accept it – or not.

In my last post, I talked about how my little girl, then 18 months, made me realise my failings as a parent weren’t failings at all. They were just life. I decided to accept that life dealt me a shitty hand and I was going to have a positive attitude about it. Sure, I was depressed, and emotionally, things were so hard, but I wasn’t going to let it own me.

A month after the tree hit my house and I moved in with my aunt, one of my “friblings” (or sibling-like friends) took me out to see Star Wars on opening night. I got his wife’s ticket, as she wasn’t up for a late showing. Another friend was supposed to bring her girlfriend, who also bowed out; a mutual friend came instead. He and I are now getting married next year.

Yes, married, and it’s all because of Star Wars and my refusal to feel sorry for myself.

I decided to accept that my life was pretty crap for now, and work on building the foundation I needed to better my life. I went out, I was social, I made attempts to focus on my hobbies. I went to Star Wars and sat next to a man I’d met 4 years earlier and had an immediate crush on. That longtime crush – and his unattached status – overrode my insecurity and anxiety, and I asked him out (unofficially) the next day.

Within a week, I knew I’d found the love of my life, and he’d found his. We met each other’s families within two weeks, and the immediate approval was overwhelming! I felt so lucky to be turning over a new, amazing leaf for 2016.

I lost my job in early January and still haven’t found work. Rob is supporting the three of us, now that we’re all back in our little townhouse, so we’re always broke, but we haven’t been so happy in such a long time! He is the best stepdad and is fully involved in Maggie’s life. I forget sometimes that she’s not his.

We can’t have the highs without the lows; that’s just the way things go. I’m glad I didn’t let November consume me and I’m so excited for my little family’s journey!


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