Aloha, Tiny Waistline!

Or that’s the hope, at least.

I started Weight Watchers again on Saturday after a 5 year absence. The last time I was actively involved with the program, I lost 40lbs in 4 months. This time, I’m aiming for the same 40lb loss, but with a more flexible timeline.

It’s hard getting back in the saddle. I knew my eating was off base, but I had no idea by how much! On the first day, I went through my daily points, PLUS all my extra weekly points. Yikes. I’ve been a lot more conscious about what I’ve been eating this weekend, so I’ve been able to stay within my points limit. I’m also working again, so I’m constantly on the move and on my feet. My phone tracks all of my activity and translates it into Activity Points on the WW app.

It’ll be an interesting journey, re-learning to eat properly again. I’m really, really happy, and I’m looking forward to feeling properly healthy again, too!


Oprah, our motivational Weight Watchers deity, on her throne (the wall of my friend’s bathroom)


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