From 23 April 2007

There always comes those impossible-to-avoid points in everyone’s lives, those points where Life hands you Lemons. What do you do when Life hands you Lemons? Deal with it? Nay. I say “down with ‘dealing with it’!”. Here are a few simple suggestions compiled by myself, Jessica & Christy. Write them down and share them, if you like, with family, friends, loved ones, for the next time Life hands you Lemons.

– make lemonade, lemon meringue pie

– make hummus

make an unlicensed lemon gun

– squeeze them into a water gun and squirt them into the eyes of your enemies

– grab life by the throat and demand better!

– demand tequila!

– suck on them. seriously. lemons are awesome.

– take life’s wallet

– (Capitalist) make lemonade and sell it at a higher price to the bastards who sold you the lemons in the first place

– (Communist) share the lemons

– (Alcoholic) find gin and tonic

– throw them back at Life and cry, “I don’t want your fucking lemons!”

– get over it.


– clone them and make super lemons!! (Courtesy of Principal Cinnamon J Scudworth)

– make lemonade. Then try to find somebody who’s Life gave them vodka and have a party. (Courtesy of Mr Ron White)



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