Guest List Folly

Wedding planning is hard. Guest lists are hard. Budgeting is hard.

I wish I could just skip the reception, just have the ceremony and say “Thanks for coming. Peace out.” Inviting people, orĀ not inviting people, is such a touchy thing. Of the people I wanted to invite, I couldn’t invite half of them. Some got really upset and two ended our already-rocky friendships.

There are family members that simply didn’t make the cut and there’s been a lot of unnecessary uproar about that. What part of “My Day” do people not understand? I invited who I wanted there, who I felt would be part of our lives. A cousin I’m not close with shouldn’t get a spot on the list ahead of someone I’ve been close with for 12 years. Am I crazy in thinking that? Her mum is now saying that if her daughter can’t come, she won’t come.

Now, I haven’t asked for this. Her choice to not come is entirely on her and I refuse to accept responsibility for a choice I did not ask her to make. Apparently, this is an issue I need to fix; however, I simply don’t agree.

Honestly, it’d be easier to just nix the reception and just have a BBQ after our honeymoon. I’m beyond done with all this drama surroundingĀ my damn day.