About GoodWithWeather

GoodWithWeather is like most human beings: complex, multi-faceted, and self-described as sooo funny.

  • She owns more books than can fit in her bookcases. Plural. Multiple full bookcases.
  • She hopes the unconditional love she gives her toddler, Maggie, will spare her later on when the little lady becomes our Supreme Overlord.
  • She likes dogs, but not the ones that fit in a purse. Those are not dogs.
  • She can eat a whole family-sized seafood lasagna from President’s Choice.
  • Her spirit animals are Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.
  • She takes spelling and grammar seriously. Use “your” incorrectly, and that’s the end for you.
  • She has knitted and crocheted like a little old lady since childhood. Her arthritis game will be strong.
  • She has ADHD and mostly gets a kick out of it. Sometimes that kick hits her in the face.
  • She can ramble like a pro. Her train of thought often derails, leaving no survivors.
  • She actually is sooo funny, despite her fiancé’s reassurances that she’s not.

She lives in Vancouver (go Canucks, go!) and writes this crappy blog, not caring if you like it or not. Mostly not. Liking is encouraged.

“I’m good with the weather” is from Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal by Christopher Moore. Spoken by the dumbass angel, Raziel, to Josh (Jesus) and Biff, the line embodies a spirit of laidback acceptance of life, as well as a spirit of “bring it on, I can take it!”. Life can be stormy, but I’m good with the weather.